Paintless Repair

Looking to "Go Pro" in Paintless Dent Repair?
Just need a quality repair made? Either way, here are the quick facts you should know.


What is Paintless Repair?

Paintless Repair, Paintless Dent Repair, PDR... however you phrase it, this new technique has claimed a very large place in today's automobile body repair industry. Paintless repair is a method of making a high-quality repair to small dents and dings on your car's body, at a dent repairedfraction of the time and cost a body shop would require. The process involves using PDR tools to reach in behind the area of the dent, and slowly "massage" the dent out of the panel. Occasionally, technicians may opt to use a "glue puller," which actually pulls out the dent from the outside of the vehicle panel. Either technique offers a very high-quality repair, at far less cost and time, when compared to older repair methods.


What's the cost?

Paintless Dent Repair normally costs only a fraction of what a body shop might require. Smaller dents are often repaired for $100 or less. Plus, a PDR shop will often give you a discount if more than one dent is to be repaired. Of course, actual pricing will depend upon the severity of your vehicle's damage, the location of the dent, etc. Many times a paintless dent repair shop will provide you with a free estimate of the cost involved. Another important point to remember here is that having those dings removed could pay for itself many times over, with respect to the resale value of your vehicle.


How much time is required for the repair?

Paintless dent repair can be done very quickly and effectively, often taking less than 30 minutes to complete. In fact, much like on-site windshield replacements, paintless repair technicians will often come to you, and make the repairs right on site. Compare this to taking your vehicle to a body shop, leaving it there for several days or longer, having to obtain transportation while your vehicle is gone, then having to travel back to pick it up. Paintless dent repair is your best option for fast, high-quality repairs on most all small dents and dings to your vehicle.



What types of damage can be repaired through Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless repair is very quick, cheap, and effective on most small dents and dings. Generally, the shallower the dent, the more repairable it is through paintless repair. Even if the dent is several inches across, it may still be completely fixable using paintless repair, if the dent is fairly shallow. Deep dents or creases are less likely to be repairable using this technique, and may require the use of a body shop. Even if the PDR tech determines that a deep dent or crease is repairable through paintless repair, there will likely be an additional charge for this type of difficult job. But bear in mind, even if there is an extra charge to have the repair done through PDR, this may still be far cheaper, and quicker, than resorting to the use of a body shop. Contact a paintless dent repair technician for help in deciding what's right for you.


What are the different methods of Paintless Dent Repair?

Generally, there are two repair methods used. The first method involves using specialized tools to gain entry to the vehicle body in the area behind the dent. The technician then uses the tool to slowly "massage" out the dent. This method is commonly referred to as "pushing dents." The second repair method involves using a "glue puller." With the glue method, the technician uses a strong but removable glue to attach a pulling tool to the dented area. The technician then uses this tool to actually pull out the dent, restoring the panel to its original shape.


Will my insurance cover it?

Most insurance companies respect the quality of paintless dent repair, and will cover the associated costs. Insurance companies acknowledge that paintless repair is a great way to provide their customers with a top-notch repair for their vehicles, in a manner that is also the most convenient. However, since paintless repair is often a fraction of the cost of a body shop, you may find that the repair cost is actually even less than your deductible. In fact, with some insurance companies, if you choose to have the repair done using paintless dent repair, the insurance company will waive your deductible althogther, meaning you pay nothing.




Will the technician have to drill holes or modify my vehicle to make the repair?

Usually, no. The PDR technician will use specialized tools to gain access from underneath the vehicle, through a door panel, by removing a taillight, or through other existing openings in your vehicle. On rare occasions, the technician may have to drill a small hole such as on the inside of a door, in an inconspicuous area. After making the repair, this hole can then be covered with a plug for a factory look. Be sure to discuss the method of repair with your technician.


Can you show me a video demo?

Yes! Are you looking into whether paintless dent repair is right for your vehicle, and want to see an actual repair being made? Maybe you're a PDR tech who wants to pick up a few new tricks from other professionals. Either way, we've got you covered. We have featured some of the best paintless dent repair videos we've found, and there are many more available on YouTube.


Where can I find a Paintless Repair company?

Right here! We're building an ever-growing list of paintless dent removal shops where you can search for PDR technicians in your area, by State and City. Also, you can check the internet or Yellow Pages for Paintless Repair companies in your area.


Can I make money doing it?

Certainly! Paintless Dent Repair can be a lucrative business -- either part-time or full time. See our page about paintless dent training for more details!


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